I'm Andrey Lukyanenko, data scientist, economist, and polyglot. I was born in Moscow, Russia, but currently I live in Dubai, UAE. My formal education as an economist didn't include any programming or machine learning, so as a result, I was more focused on analytical thinking and learning new things.


Several years of my early career were spent as an ERP-consultant (SAP, Галактика), I have worked with people from different industries (oil and gas, transportation, architecture and more) and professions (accounting, contracts, logistics, IT, budgeting and more). It was a fascinating experience, which taught me a lot about how businesses work, but I ultimately realized that I wanted to do something different in the future.

Data Science

After months of searching and thinking, I have decided to try working as a data scientist. I have left my last job in consulting and started studying programming, statistics and math, machine learning itself, and since April 2017, I have begun working as a data scientist.

I have worked in telecom, banking, and various startups. Some examples of the projects are churn prediction, fraud detection, various analytics, text video analytics, chat-bots, video super-resolution, and many more.


In my free time, I pursue various activities to get more knowledge and experience:

  • Take part in competitions (Kaggle Competition Master and Kaggle Notebooks 1st rank).
  • Do pet-projects.
  • Contribute to open-source and volunteer.
  • Help people solve their problems. Got an award from ODS.ai for mentorship (2020).
  • Give talks in conferences and even take part in their organization. Got an award from ODS.ai for one of best talks in 2019.

Before switching my career, I have spent a lot of time studying languages - German, Spanish, Japanese.

Also, I like reading fantasy; some of my favorite authors are John Bierce, Brandon Sanderson, Will Wight.

Random facts

  • I’m an economist by education
  • I have read “War and Peace” three times
  • At some points in my life, I have studied taekwondo, fencing, and chess
  • I have Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate
  • I have more than 80k total XP on Duolingo
  • I passed B2 for German on Deutsche Welle in 2013
  • I have an old blog, which is mostly about learning languages
  • I passed JLPT3 in J-CAT test in August 2014
  • I’m one of the authors of a telegram channel Data Science by ODS.ai
  • I have spent a lot of time on origami