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Senior Data Scientist at Careem

Anti-fraud projects

  • Implemented a robust face-recognition system to identify and block duplicate driver accounts, resulting in a 5% decrease in fraudulent activities and enhanced trust among user;
  • Developed and deployed a real-time pre-authorization model for ride-hailing services with 60% increase in precision and a reduction in customer complaints, maintaining robust performance for over one year;
  • Proposed and launched an anomaly detection system for models and features, resulting in timely detection of data issues; improved overall data quality by 10%;

Recommendation team projects

  • Designed and created a ranking model within a two-tap module for seamless trip recommendations, resulting in increased customer satisfaction;
  • Led the data science food team in enhancing the personalized recommendation engine, resulting in an increase in conversion rate;
  • Communicated, presented, and influenced within multiple levels of the organization, including top management;
  • Developed a two-tower based retrieval model to improve food recommendations;

AI team projects

  • Worked on AI Assistant for making restaurant bookings. Developed an LLM-based solution using GPT-4 API, langchain and langfuse;

May 9, 2022

ML Engineer / TechLead at MTS AI

Medical chat-bot project

  • Led the development of medical chat-bot project: NER, Relation Extraction, Text Classification;
  • Made an error detection tool that enhanced the quality and speed of text labeling, reduced labeling errors by 20%, and decreased analysis time by 50%;
  • Introduced coding best practices, mentored 5+ colleagues, and organized weekly knowledge-sharing sessions, resulting in a 20% improvement in code efficiency and a 30% reduction in development time;

Video enhancement project

  • Completed a video super-resolution project, achieving a 4x higher video resolution without visible video degradation.

Leading CV R&D team

  • Managing research with running experiments on a multi-node cluster;
  • Researching self-supervision approaches for training GANs;
  • Experiments with hardware (jetson, kneron);

Nov 14, 2019

Senior DS for BigData Research, Tele2

BigData projects

  • Implemented churn prediction, fraud detection, and look-alike models;
  • Developed and implemented an algorithm predicting the actual value of all client devices;
  • Took part in the organization of two hackathons;
  • Completed several geo-analytics projects;
  • Worked on projects improving quality of customers’ service by call-center;
  • Developed a prototype of human detection on video and predicting age/gender;

May 7, 2018
Maxima Telecom

Data Scientist, Maxima Telecom

  • Developed algorithm for predicting home and work station for users based on the logs of their activity;
  • Developed algorithm for predicting user interests based on the visited sites;
Nov 20, 2017

Data Scientist, Frumatic

Developed recommendation system using NLP

Sep 06, 2017
OTP Bank

Data Scientist, OTP Bank

Developed the full scope of data science pipeline and finalized a project for predicting a probability of customer’s positive answer to bank’s cross-sell offer. The model was approved to be implemented in production.

Apr 17, 2017

Erp-consultant in various companies

  • Worked in three consulting companies working in ERP-system implementation and support;
  • Successfully led a project on building a web analytical reporting system from the design stage until its delivery to the client;
  • Formalized project concept and technical documentation for a budgeting system;
  • Curated the development accounting, logistics, and contract managing modules;

Jul 02, 2012